Morgan Anderson Softball Tournament – September
CHAMPS members volunteer by helping take money at the many gates in the different parks.

Haunted House – October
The CHAMPS Haunted House is the largest fundraiser for CHAMPS. Every member is required to participate in some capacity. The entire month of October will be reserved for set-up, execution of, and tear down/clean up of the Haunted House.

Red Ribbon Week – October
CHAMPS members help decorate the entire school for Red Ribbon Week.

Holiday Warm Wishes – December
CHAMPS members sell and create Warm Wishes that contain hot chocolate and candy cane to celebrate the Holiday Break.

Valentine Heart Grams – February
CHAMPS members sell and create Heart Grams that contain a Blow Pop to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Mentoring Program – March-April
CHAMPS members mentor elementary students to encourage positive self esteem and behavior.

Family Farm Work Day and Celebration – April
CHAMPS members attend Family Farm to plan for the Elementary Health Camp and celebrate a year of hard work.

Elementary Health Day – May
CHAMPS members teach the elementary students about overall positive health choices.

Elementary Field Day – May
CHAMPS members help work the games at Elementary Field Day.