I have built this website to allow parents and students access to every file that I will use in class. Please use the navigation menu above to access all of my syllabi, lesson plans, and classroom activities. All files are password protected. Students have been given the password in class, but parents can send me a message using the Contact tab above, on Remind, or via email and I will share the password.

I believe that science is an interesting and exciting topic. The more we all know about the world around us, the more fascinating it becomes. My goal is to create a classroom environment that will help each student:
-build a solid science vocabulary,
-gain a strong understanding of key scientific principles and topics,
-learn how to use mathematics to tackle scientific problems,
-find out about the latest technologies and use many of them to learn
more about science and our world,
-see how science is related to all other disciplines,
-effectively prepare for standardized assessments,
-see science as worthwhile and meaningful,
-develop thinking skills and the ability to challenge assumptions,
think creatively, and solve real-life problems, and
-have fun!!

If you ever have any questions, contact me via the Contact tab above, Remind app, or via email.

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